10 Times Kids Realized Their Parents Were Way Cooler Than Them

Everything vintage is trendy these days–fashion, cars, music. These internet users shared photographs of their parents being incredibly cool. Take a look back at history, when people spent more time outside and less on searching the internet for cool memes. So here are some snapshots in time, when people just seemed cooler.

1. “My mother when she was a tank instructor in 1984.” Danabre.



2. “My mother skateboarding barefoot in California in 1974.” Jsparks117.



3. “My Dad being infinitely cooler than I’ll ever be. (1980)” TheMasterofDonuts.



4. “My Dad, Taken For Surfer Magazine. Peru, 1977”. Fyrebrahnd.



5. “My dad in the 70’s doing what he loves. Father to 4 boys. More man than myth or legend.” Reallybadat.



6.  “My mom working at NASA, 1974.” sumthingabout.



7. “My mom at 16 yrs old with her Camaro in 1975.” MorganGanem.



8. “A friend of my father’s, telling off a Klan member. Auburn AL, 1985”  ohdaviing.



9. “I found a photo of my Dad cooking a barbecue on top of a moving Submarine.”   shanbuscus.



10. “My mom winning the pie eating contest by beating all the boys. ~1950” Talking_Head.





Watch the video below to see even more pictures of cool parents!


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