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5-Year-Old Girl ‘Marries’ Best Friend Before Open-Heart Surgery

5-year-old Sophia Elyssa Chiappalone entered the world with a “broken heart.” Her mother, Kristy, gave birth to the little girl in June 2012, at 38 weeks. The birth had its risks but everything turned out fine. That is until a cardiologist asked to speak with them.

The cardiologist explained that the right side of Sophia’s heart was missing. Despite all their questions and the ability of the hospital to do some sort of surgery, the doctor told them the same thing—that Sophia would have a much limited lifespan, no matter what.


Sassy Mouth Photography


Despite receiving the devastating news, Kristy was able to also feel a sense of gratitude. “She’s a walking miracle. There is no life expectancy at this time because there’s no reason for her to be alive,” Kristy said.

After turning 5, Sophia was set to have yet another open heart surgery. But there was one special thing she wanted to do before the surgery.

She wanted to marry her best friend, Hunter. Said Kristy of her daughter, “Most people wait a lifetime for someone who wouldn’t stand by them through such illness. She met a best friend and love of her life at 3 who does. You know they say marry your best friend, it just doesn’t usually happen before 1st grade!” Sophia met Hunter at Vacation Bible Camp at St. John’s Church in Boston, and the pair quickly became inseparable.

So Sophia got her “wedding.” Her mom even got professional photographs taken, and just look at the young couple’s special day!


Sassy Mouth Photography


Marisa Balletti-Lavoie was the photographer and posted several pictures of the cuties on her Facebook page, Sassy Mouth Photography. She wrote, “Sophia Elyssa Chiappalone the beautiful baby with a broken heart had a beautiful little wish…I was so honored and excited to be the one to document the big day!!”

Even though Sophia’s life has been rough and she has more medical intervention in her future, her presence is light, joy, and her smile is infectious. What a little beam of light to brighten all of our days!


Sassy Mouth Photography


Sophia’s family has set up a Go Fund Me page “To help with all past and future medical costs Sophia will and has accrued. Kristy is a single mom with 3 girls and has been at Sophia’s side since the beginning and could use any help we can give :)”

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