Christian Actor Kirk Cameron and Wife of 25 Years Make Stunning Announcement about Marriage

Actor Kirk Cameron has been married for more than 20 years, a pretty unheard of accomplishment in Hollywood. This August he and his wife Chelsea made the incredible announcement that they would like to share their marriage-strengthening skills with everyone.

They have launched an online course called “The Heart of Family: Six Weeks to a Happier Home and a Healthier Family.” In this interactive course, the couple shares the principals they’ve finely tuned over decades of marriage and parenting, all biblically-based and faith-filled.


Kirk and Chelsea Cameron


There will be six weeks of courses consisting of 9 videos, aimed at enriching life and family. Some of the lessons include: “Resolving Conflict”, “What is marriage?”, and “Godly Parenting.” The couple will also host a live online Q&A with course participants.

Their faith and trust in God has been the foundation of their marriage. Kirk and Chelsea originally met while they played on-screen sweethearts on the hit 80’s sitcom Growing Pains and have since parented 6 children together.

Cameron and Chelsea want to provide a remedy, a faith-based solution for the crumbling of family and marriage they see happening everywhere in society as the importance of marriage has been de-emphasized.



“Our culture so badly needs strong marriages and families,” Kirk said to CBN News. “It’s the DNA of a healthy country and a healthy world.”

Through years of marriage and trial and error, the couple has learned many lessons they are ready to share. Their course is designed to be for anyone and everyone—for parents, alone or together, and can be completed no matter what comes up in your busy life.



The world can definitely use more down to earth couples like this who are willing to share their faith and skills with those looking for stronger marriages and happier relationships.

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