Cookies & Cream Popcorn Is the Most Addicting Movie Snack You Haven’t Tried Yet!


Today I bring you another AMAZING Recipe. With only 3 INGREDIENTS, this popcorn is not only delicious but super easy to whip up!

Classic cookies and cream are perfect for popcorn! It adds the right amount of crunch from the cookie and that rich Oreo icing flavor in every light and fluffy bite!

Who doesn’t love POPCORN !?


  • 9 cups popped popcorn

  • 20 Oreos, finely crushed

  • 24 ounces white candy melts


  1. Put white candy melts in small a bowl and microwave in 30 second

    intervals until completely melted and smooth consistency.

  2. Drizzle white candy melts over popped popcorn.

  3. Sprinkle finely crushed oreo crumbs through out

    popcorn to evenly distribute.

  4. Let white candy melts set up and dig in.


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