Teachers interrupt principal and take over the stage at this epic school event

Just before a homecoming football game at Whitmer High School in Toledo, Ohio, the principal was talking to bleachers full of students. That’s when he was interrupted.




One of the school’s teachers bruskly cut the principal’s speech short, and basically kicked him off center stage. Then the fun began as a teacher flash mob took over the pep rally.




The student-filled bleachers erupted with energy, applause and laughter as they watched the teachers rush the floor and begin busting some pretty impressive moves to Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk.”




Lines of teachers-turned-dancers and mascots went all out. Halfway through the routine, the teachers lined up and danced in pairs down the middle of the floor, making the crowd go wild. One teacher even did a very energetic version of “the worm” on the packed floor. Both their choreography and their neatly synchronized moves are impressive to watch.

The pep rally was planned by Katie Peters, a teacher at Whitmer. She made sure the epic event was captured on film and posted online. It is obvious that the students and teachers had a complete blast, and for once the teachers were the “cool kids” in the room. They end their dance to a wave of applause.

Check out this video and don’t be surprised when you feel like jumping up and dancing too!


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