9-Year-Old girl with rare disease asks for 10,000 prayers before brain surgery

Sophia Marie is 9 years old. One day she showed up at Lonestar 99.5 FM radio station to share a special story with the station’s listeners.

“I just want everyone to pray for me, on the 24th,” she began.




Sophia explained that two and a half years ago, she had “several strokes.” Though clearly nervous to do the interview, Sophia bravely shared her story. She spoke about how at first the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her.

After some time, doctors discovered that Sophia has Moya-Moya, which is “typically characterized as the narrowing of blood vessels in the brain which results in limited blood flow and eventual brain damage from the lack of oxygen to those areas of tissue.” The lack of blood flow eventually resulted in Sophia’s series of strokes in 2015. Moya-Moya is a rare genetic disease.

Sophia’s surgery was scheduled for late January, and though it wouldn’t cure her condition, it was meant to “revascularize the blood vessels in her brain.”



That day, when Sophia went into surgery, she had possibly thousands of people praying for her, from all around the world.

The girl’s campaign to reach 10,000 prayers seems to have reached farther than that. Sarah Huckabee Sanders wished her well from the podium at her White House briefing, Congressman Jodey Arrington of Texas has been speaking out on her behalf and praying for her daily. Said the Congressman, “No one knows the fragility of life and the fleetingness of this life like Sophia,” he said. “And I will use this platform that God has given me to get this part of the world to pray for her on January [26].”

Through all of this, a strong message about faith stands out. Sophia’s mom said people needed Sophia’s story so they could hear “a true testament to God’s grace and his glory revealed.”




Sophia got through her surgery successfully. Just days later she was about to stand and walk. Wrote Sophia’s mother on her blog soon after “Her recovery has been amazing! Her nurse stated she has never seen a patient like her with no swelling after surgery! Her physical therapist stated that the day after surgery she looked like a patient she normally sees on the day of discharge!”

Sophia’s recovery continues and right now she’s waiting to have a cherished playdate with one of her best friends! Thanks to the power of prayer, Sophia’s future looks bright.


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