Duncan The Two-Legged Dog Is A Survivor and Now An Internet Sensation

Duncan and his family were driving one night near Yellowstone National Park when they hit a buffalo in the road. Their truck flipped 5 times, but miraculously, no one was seriously hurt. The only problem? Duncan, who just happens to be the family’s two-legged dog, was missing.


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Dozens of people came out that very night to help search for the missing, special needs Boxer.

He was found later that night at a quarry nearby the crash site, safe and sound.

It seems that Duncan has as many lives as a cat, and this is just one amazing anecdote in the full tale of Duncan’s amazing life!


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In 2015, his owners, Amanda Giese and Gary Walters returned home one day, just in time to witness him fall over and stop breathing.

Duncan died, but Amanda gave him CPR and he started breathing again and wagging his tail.

He was born with a back leg deformity that affected his spine and caused him to stop breathing, and so the family had no choice but to have the back legs amputated, or risk another potentially fatal episode.

Amazingly, the dog has learned to walk expertly on only his front two legs!


Panda Paws Rescue/YouTube


After their ordeal, Duncan has become an internet sensation. His full name is Duncan Lou Who and he is an inspiration to any who get a chance to watch him run around on just two legs, full of life and joy. Duncan has reached celebrity status, and also moonlights as the representative canine face of Panda Paws Rescue, a rescue and rehabilitation shelter that specializes in special needs canines (and is owned by Amanda and Gary).

Gary explained his bond with Duncan. “I am definitely his person, and he is definitely my dog, without question.” Watch Duncan Lou Who’s amazing story below!


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