This 12 Year-Old Saw a Creepy Man Walking Off With A Toddler

Many people think they would know how to handle a situation where they ought to say something if they’ve seen something, but can you be sure you would know what to do? Luckily, there are some people, even children, who do the right thing in the heat of the moment. One such child is Jada Miller, of Kenosha, Wisconsin. The 12-year-old, who was outside playing with friends, noticed that one of her neighbors, 4-year-old Caylee, was being led away by an adult she didn’t recognize as one of the parents.



Jada began to follow the adult and Caylee.



At one point, Jada grabbed Caylee away from the man who was leading her away and told him they were leaving. She told the man they wouldn’t be back.

“I just ran after Caylee because I didn’t know what could have happened next if I wouldn’t have ran down there,” Jada said. “I felt that if I had stopped to like ring the doorbell like the parents were too busy doing something like they wouldn’t get to the door in time so I just went down there and did my own business.”

While Jada went after the little girl, her friend Trinity Stout went to find the youngster’s parents. “He grabbed onto her wrist after he seen nobody was paying attention,” Stout said.



The man was 27-year-old Benjamin Spasogevich-Lee, known as Eli, and he was a resident of the neighborhood.

Apparently many in the community considered him suspicious, and he had allegedly talked to neighborhood kids about kidnapping and rape in the past.



Spasogevich-Lee then fled the scene. Caylee’s father immediately called police, and they arrested the would-be kidnapper. Spasogevich-Lee is being held on charges of abduction and disorderly conduct.

Jada and Trinity’s action were heroic! They saw something and not only said something, but jumped to action to help save their 4-year-old neighbor!


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