Generous Teen Creates A Store Where Everything Cost “A Smile”

One young man is making an impact one smile at a time.

Akeam Francois is well known around his city as The Calgary Helper, and the founder of the Smile Gang. Smile Gang is a group of young adults based in Calgary, Canada that helps members of their local community by providing random acts of kindness, accepting small donations of food, money and smiles in exchange for their work.

Smile Gang is located in a small garage behind a Lutheran church. This unique shop is part of one 23-year-old’s goal to collect one million smiles, by serving his community any way he can.

People donate items to the group that can be repurposed for charity. They’ve received tons of donations that now allow them to serve over 100 people each week. Every week on Saturdays the Smile Gang opens its doors to collect smiles in exchange for anything families might need. Customers are respectful and they never take more then what they need. “Shop with integrity,” Akeam says.

The entire idea hopes to build trust within the community. Akeam says, “A lot of families have stuff, and a lot of families need stuff”. At the rate Akeam and his team are going they’ll reach one million smiles in plenty of time.

If you are in Calgary, Akeam and the Smile Gang accept donations every Wednesday. Be sure to do your part!

What do you think of the Smile Gang? This charity is beautiful and we should help Akeam spread the kindness.

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