This Baby Sloth Is Holding On For Dear Life Until He Is Rescued By Cincinnati Couple

Costa Rica is a lush, green country full of exotic animals. Visitors often spot four different kinds of monkeys, wild macaw parrots, whales, sea turtles, and everyone’s favorite–sloths. There are two species found in the Central American country, the brown-throated three-toed sloth and Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth. They are often found clinging to branches high up in the forest canopy, but do sometimes make their way back down to solid ground. These slow-moving mammals are just about as cute as can be.



Recently one couple in Costa Rica, the owners of Morgan’s Jungle Lodge, located on the beautiful, remote and untouched Osa Peninsula, came across an unattended baby sloth.




Dirk Morgan and his wife Lori were walking beachside when they noticed the baby sloth in distress. It was of the two-toed variety.

“Hello, I’m going to rescue you baby,” said Dirk Morgan. It appeared as though the poor creature had been trapped as the high tide began washing everything on the beach away. There was no mother sloth in sight.




Dirk Morgan later wrote on Facebook, “A young 2 toe sloth that survived the high tide. With no adult in site we rinsed the salt water off its face and took to the animal rescue at Tranquility. He seemed to be fine and happy to be dried off and safe. Pura Vida.”




Dirk and Lori, who run the lodge, said they had seen wild dogs roaming around the peninsula. One of the dogs would have made a quick meal of the little sloth if it hadn’t been rescued. Dirk was interviewed by reporters at Cincinnati.com, saying “I feel fortunate that this wonderful little creature touched my life and that I could make a difference in his.”

Lucky for this baby quick action was taken and the animal rescued. One day the staff of the rescue shelter hope to release the fortunate sloth back into the wild.


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