Burger King Releases A Shocking Anti-Bullying Commercial

It seems like nowadays, bullies are everywhere. Online and out in the world all around us. It leaves us saddened and wondering how the world could be better. Well, some companies are adding their 2 cents worth to the fight against bullying. Did you know that more than 1 out of every 5 kids say they’ve been bullied? October is National Bullying Prevention Month, a campaign to help educate and raise awareness of bullying prevention. Thousands of individuals participated in activities throughout October.

Hundreds of schools, major corporations, and many celebrities joined in the fight against bullying. Recently Burger King has participated in National Bullying Prevention Month by releasing a commercial that gets to the heart of the matter. This commercial addresses how to think about responding to difficult bullying situations we may be faced with out in the world.




For the anti-bullying commercial, Burger King placed teenagers in one of their restaurants and the group acted out a bullying situation. The group picked on one boy, calling him names, disturbing his food and even kicking his chair from under him.



Though many of the customers who witnessed the horrible actions did nothing to intervene, some did. About 12% of those witnessing the behavior stood up for the boy being victimized. Ironically, the commercial also features the restaurant employees “bullying” their burgers, smashing and squashing them. When the customers who received smashed food realized their order had been mishandled, they walked right past the bullying scene and went to complain about their food.



A worker asked, “Did you order it bullied or unbullied? Had you seen me bullying this burger, would you have stood up and said something?”

It is sad that so few took it upon themselves to help a victim, but hopefully those of us who saw the commercial might think twice again before leaving bad behavior unquestioned.

Nicholas Carlisle, CEO and Founder of the organization No Bully “We know that bullying takes on many forms, physical, verbal, relational and online. But the first step to putting an end to bullying is to take a stand against it. Our partnership with Burger King is an example of how brands can bring positive awareness to important issues. You have to start somewhere, and they chose to start within.”


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