This elderly woman buying groceries, but her card kept getting declined. What this man said to the cashier left the woman completely stunned.

Robert Alan Aurthur once said, “The good deed you do today, for a brother of sister in need, will come back to you some day, for humanity’s a circle indeed.”

Good words to live by and a great example set by Ryan O’Donnell for his two kids. One day they were shopping for groceries. Waiting in line, Ryan noticed that the elderly woman in line nearby was having trouble paying with her card, which kept getting declined. The woman seemed upset.

The woman reminded him of his mom, he said, as well as his grandmother. He knew he had to do something to help. So Ryan, his two kids in tow, went to the woman and offered to pay for her groceries. He said they came to less than $50.



Ryan later explained, “Someone was trying to tell her to try different account and it didn’t work so they took her to the front area and I walked past and overheard,” Ryan said.

Bystander Luke was passing by the situation and captured a photograph of this amazing act of kindness. The story has touched thousands of readers already.

Ryan, who turned down the woman’s offer to pay him back, commented that it was just how he was raised, that “If you can help, you do it where and when to the best of your ability.”



When you do an unexpected act of kindness for a stranger you have not only made their day but yours as well.  Ryan’s act of generosity was another example of someone paying it forward. Have you witnessed acts of kindness and generosity like Ryan’s?

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