Nanny Injured After Saving 2-Year-Old From Oncoming Vehicle

We all know that most parents would gladly put themselves in harm’s way in order to protect their children, but its not often that we think about their other caretakers having that same protectiveness. Let’s take a moment to recognize the teachers and nannies that also give so much of themselves to keep our little ones safe when we can’t be there.

Nanny Caroline Maurer is one such person. She is nanny to 2-year-old Fox, and Fox’s parents consider her to be a valuable member of their lives.


But this became very apparent on March 28, when Caroline put Fox into his stroller and took him for a walk in the morning. Upon approaching a 4-way stop sign intersection in the neighborhood, Caroline looked both ways. No cars were approaching. But when Caroline pushed the stroller, and little Fox, into the intersection, a car sped up and flew through the stop without warning. The car then turned, putting the nanny and the little boy directly in its path.



Caroline made a decision. She pushed Fox’s stroller as hard as she could, out of the car’s way. She yelled “Stop!” at the car but was struck. Her arm, hand and wrist were fractured, and she lay unable to go to the boy in the stroller, only able to hear his cries from the stroller. “Fox was strapped in and I couldn’t get him out,” she said. “Because my hands were crushed and I was on the ground.”



Caroline later told KCBS News, “He was screaming Nanny Caroline I love you which was breaking my heart because I couldn’t hold him.”

Fox’s Dad, Bill Wolkoff, said, “I think my first reaction was: She’s family for the rest of our lives.”

A YouCaring page was started to help support Caroline’s medical bills following the accident. She said, “Publicly reliving this leaves me grateful, tearful, loved, and anxious regarding my own worthiness in this crazy world brimming with need. I am happiest to see Fox, still whole – still perfect.”

While receiving good care from the public and Fox’s parents, Caroline isn’t sure whether she will regain full use of her hands.


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