Pope Consoles Police Officer Who Fell From Her Horse During His Visit

Pope Francis recently visited South America, with stops in both Chile and Peru. His visit was meant to highlight and honor the country’s religious roots, as well as to shed light on the plight of the indigenous cultures of the two countries.



And while the Pope is known for his grand gestures and beliefs in kindness and faith, it was really one small act of kindness that captured everyone’s attention.



While riding in his convoy one day in Chile, a mounted police officer fell when her horse was spooked on the thoroughfare. Pope Francis immediately ordered his convoy to stop. He then exited his vehicle and walked toward the police officer, who was lying on the ground.

An ambulance soon arrived to help the officer, and only then did the Pope’s convoy continue.



According to a statement from the Vatican, the police officer was conscious and “and received some words of consolation from the Holy Father.”

Officials said the officer was not seriously injured.

Watch the video of the incident below!


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