Prince William Delivers George’s Christmas List Directly to Santa Claus, Here’s What The Youngster Asked For

The tech festival in Helsinki, Finland, known as Slush, is a student-based annual event celebrating entrepreneurship and talent in the technological community. This year, Prince William attended to support the event. He met with Al Gore, who opened the festival, as well as Prince Daniel of Sweden, and visited a school to examine the ways the Finnish education system prioritizes student welfare and mental well-being above all else. He also took the opportunity on his trip to visit with members of the Finnish Air Force to see a demonstration of their aircraft (William is himself a pilot and was a member of the Royal Air Force). Though he visited with many in the tech community and government, he also spent some time greeting the local community.



He may have met with many important technology and world leaders, but one of the highlights of the trip came when Prince William met with Santa Claus, and handily had his son George’s Christmas wish list to give to old Father Christmas.



“I had to give you this letter,” Prince William told Santa, while he was visiting a traditional Christmas market in the Finnish capital. The letter took the form of one a child might receive at school. In the letter, little George declares that he has been “nice,” and although there are spaces for five gift suggestions, there is only one space filled out. Apparently George wants a toy police car for Christmas this year.



Although the 4-year-old could ask for anything, this sweet suggestion shows how down to earth the family is (they don’t even allow electronic devices in their household). Said Prince William to Santa, “He hasn’t written down many requests, so I think one request is probably okay.” The little prince will also be receiving a new baby sibling next year, as well as a new aunt.

Hilariously, the National Police of France were the first to make good on George’s Christmas wish:


Watch the video below to see Prince William handing over his son’s list to Santa Clause.


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