Sadie Robertson Has Just One Thing to Say to President Trump

The Robertson family, of the hit show Duck Dynasty, has been vocal in their support of President Donald Trump since the early days of his campaign. But now one member of the family is making her own voice heard– and she wants us all to pray for our president.

Sadie Robertson is just 20 years old, but she recently took to her YouTube channel and posted a video both encouraging her viewers and directly addressing Trump himself.



She says, “Mr. Trump, I am rooting you on. And I want you to know that I believe the best in you. I think that you have a lot on your hands and I think you have a lot on your plate and I know that must be very very very hard. But as an American citizen, I’m cheering you on.”

Sadie is using her platform to encourage people of her generation to be positive and supportive of our nation and its leader! Love her message? Share it on Facebook!

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