Warriors’ Stephen Curry Comforts Grieving Boy Before Mavericks Game

Sometimes our greatest sports heroes are not just the players who accomplish great athletic feats or win championship games, but the ones who take a moment to really connect with their fans. Stephen Curry is one such athlete.



Before a recent game, the Warriors’ player stopped to spend a comforting moment with one young boy. The superstar took a moment to console the nephew of opponent Mavericks’ guard Devin Harris. The 9-year-old boy had just lost his father, Bruce Harris, brother of Devin Harris, the week before in a car wreck in Dallas.



Curry’s teammate Kevin Durant retweeted the video of the scene, where Curry huddles with the young boy to give him support.

Said the Mavericks’ Devin Harris, “It’s been a tough week. The family is taking it pretty hard as you would expect them to. Probably the toughest thing I’ve had to deal with is trying to explain to his kids, my kids. The support I’ve gotten from the team and the community has been great.”



Devin Harris took the Monday game off, planning to return to the court after he has had a chance to grieve. Devin didn’t play but did go to the game, bringing his nephew Brayden with him. The team members spent some time with him, doing their best to show compassion and kindness to the kid who had just lost his father.
When Curry realized that Brayden was a huge fan of his, even though he plays for a different team than his uncle, a meet-up was arranged. Before the game started, Curry put his arms around the boy, praying with him before escorting him back down the tunnel.



Curry was asked about the moment. “It’s obviously sometimes hard to find the right words to say in that situation,” Curry said. “It’s a tough blow to the family. For him at that age, I can’t imagine what he’s going through. But the best thing I can say is lean on his family and to give him that strength to get through this tough time.”

“Nobody can tell him how to feel,” added Curry. “He just needs to allow himself to get through the best he can with his family at his side and lean on them for strength and support. Hopefully they’ll be there for them. That’s the best I can tell him.”

The family is still waiting for an explanation of what exactly happened the night of the wreck, when his brother’s car broke down and was rear-ended on the North Central Expressway in Dallas.


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