6 Ideas Your Kids Will Love For Trick-Or-Treating This Year

Fly through our ideas for trick-or-treating this year, like Halloween DIY’s and bobbing for Doughnuts! Make sure your house is the coolest on the block with these ideas to amp up your trick-or-treating game.

1. Trunk-or-Treat

While the origins of “trunk-or-treating” are a mystery, the benefits of them are well-known: less walking for little kids, a safer environment for Halloween, and fun for everyone!

This is trick-or-treating done in style.

Organize a get-together (at church, a friend’s house, etc.), line up your cars, and have fun with it!

2. Mini Pumpkin Hunt

Another fun alternative to trick-or-treating is decorating and searching for mini pumpkins.

This is a two-part activity, played during the day or night as long as there is some lighting or if the players each have flashlights. Daylight works best for younger kids and older kids tend to enjoy Night-time with flashlights for a challenge. The concept is simple to hide pumpkins in a field or grassy area and the kids must go find the pumpkins and bring them back to the starting point. For younger kids make sure the pumpkins are small enough they can carry.

Get some mini pumpkins, paint (washable, of course!), google-y eyes, glue, and any other art supplies you want. The entire family can get into it!

3. Crafty Night

To complement your mini pumpkins, you can make a bunch of other fun and easy crafts for Halloween.

Milk Jug Monsters

Halloween Eyeball Wreath

Cookie Monster Pumpkin

You could buy some styrofoam balls, gauze or cotton balls and make, mason jars with spiders and ghost.

Or create Halloween masks out of paper plates.

The possibilities are endless, and the time spent together as a family is always fun—even if you’re not particularly crafty. Just visit our DIY tab to find all your Halloween craft ideas.

4. Bob for Doughnuts

Apples are great, don’t get me wrong, but bobbing for doughnuts sounds so much better…especially if you do it while wearing costumes!

Use some kitchen twine to string your doughnuts from a clothesline or tree. Now give everyone a turn to try to eat the doughnuts with no hands.

It’s tasty and entertaining. Be sure to have your camera handy for some action shots!

5. Halloween Piñata

Ah, beating a cardboard character with a stick that results in a shower of candy and treats. Now that’s a party!

A giant pumpkin or ghost-shaped piñata would do nicely. Fill it with candy, tie it up, blind-fold willing participants, and let the fun begin—just watch out for wild stick swinging!

To add an extra layer of fun, you could even have the kids help make the piñata.

6. Halloween themed movie night

Nothing is better than a cozy family night in with a movie and snacks. So why not host a Halloween-themed movie night?

The movies don’t have to be scary. Thank goodness for The Nightmare Before Christmas and Halloweentown!

You can even make a game out of it: Every time the word ‘Halloween’ is said in the movie, eat three pieces of candy corn. Or take a gulp of apple cider. An interactive element only makes movie night that much more fun!



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