These Are The 7 Best Hallmark Christmas Movies to Watch This Year!

When the holiday season comes around, there is nothing like a good Christmas Hallmark movie to get you in the mood. Here are the 7 most watched Hallmark movies, with their perfect towns, happy people and beautiful snow, to get you ready for the holiday season. Let the countdown begin!


7. “When Calls the Heart Christmas”

This one has a great set-up: a sweet teacher helping prepare her class for Christmas, a handsome soldier, and a turn-of-the-century mining town. Combine that with some hard times at Christmas and you’ve got a great movie plot.


6. “Let It Snow”

Check out the story of a woman who acquires a snow lodge from its retiring owners, and does her best to defend the traditions of the lodge, all while getting to know the previous owners during Christmas.


5. “The Christmas Card”

Who wouldn’t love a story about a soldier who received an anonymous Christmas card while deployed in Afghanistan? When he returns home, he sets out to track down the sender.


4. “A Royal Christmas”

See Christmas through the eyes of a young woman who finds out her boyfriend is an actual European prince.


3.”Journey Back to Christmas”

Transported through time to modern-day Christmas, a World War II nurse experiences the timeless spirit of the holiday.


2.”My Christmas Love”

A mystery suitor sends the main character gifts for each of the “12 Days of Christmas.” She goes on a hunt to figure out who he might be.


1.”Christmas Under Wraps”

Sent to the small town of Garland, Alaska, this doctor falls in love with the town’s Christmas spirit.

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