8 Girls Form A Line On The Sidewalk – But Watch Closely As The Unexpected Suddenly Happens

In January, when Ed Sheeran announced on Irish radio that he was looking for Irish dancers to appear in his latest video for the song “Galway Girl,” he probably didn’t imagine he would get this surprising video! It has taken the world—and Ed—by storm.

Excited to hear that Sheeran would be filming his video in Ireland, 8 students from the Hession School of Irish Dance accepted the challenge. Watch these 8 girls dance to his song and just try not to be completely in awe!

Clad in black, these girls move in perfect unison and bring the joy and energy of Irish dance to the performance!


With over 2 million views so far, these girls have definitely got our attention, and they got Ed’s attention too! Their effort paid off and they were featured in the singer’s “Galway Girl” video!

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