Christian NFL Star Signs Largest Contract In Football History, Shocks Fans When He Reveals How He Plans To Spend $125 Million

It is refreshing today to see that there is still an opportunity for good role models in the world of professional sports. Take Derek Carr for example. Recently the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders received a five-year $125 million contract, but Carr hasn’t let it go to his head.

Derek Carr is known as a family man who is deeply involved in his faith. His Instagram bio offers this description: Christian, Husband, Father and Football Player.


@derekcarrqb is the highest-paid player in NFL history, but he's already thinking about how he can help others around the world…👏👏👏

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At just 26 years old, Carr is the highest paid player in NFL history, but he remains humble. Carr broke his leg in the late 2016 football season. Even injured and out for an undetermined amount of time, he kept his faith, saying “It doesn’t always make sense but I will never stop believing and I will never forget the One who brought me here!”

Carr says that he wasn’t always as modest as he is now. In past interviews he has described being into parties, drinking and girls during his first two years of college, but tells how a friend wrote him a letter calling him out on his behavior and questioning his character. The letter moved him and caused him to question everything, leading to his commitment to his Christian faith and a renewed effort to live with integrity. And the friend who wrote him the letter? He later married her!



Some young and successful athletes who received such a large contract may have been tempted to spend it on cars or other material things, but when questioned about the hefty paycheck, Carr told a reporter, “The first thing I’ll do is pay my tithe like I have since I was in college — giving $700 on a scholarship check. That won’t change. I’ll do that… The exciting thing for me money wise, honestly, is that this money is going to help a lot of people. I’m very thankful to have it, that it’s in our hands, because it’s going to help people, not only in this country, but a lot of countries around the world.”

Carr’s faith has been tested before. Shortly after his birth, Carr’s first child, Dallas, fell ill. Doctors discovered that the newborn’s intestines were twisted and cutting off the child’s blood flow. On the way to surgery for “intestinal malrotation”, one doctor told Derek that his son might not make it.



Derek Carr prayed over the newborn with his family just before the surgery, and it seems that God answered his prayers. Little Dallas had 3 surgeries in his early months and has now been given a clean bill of health!

Heather, Derek’s wife, said, “We had so many people praying for us. The whole community came together and prayed for us. It’s just amazing how many people came together in our time of need.”

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