90-Year-Old Czech Grandma Turns Small Village Into Her Art Gallery

Most people have some kind of hobby–reading, running, baking. But 90-year-old Czech grandmother Anezka Kasparkova has taken up painting. And not just any kind of painting, but painting flowers on the walls of houses in her town, Louka. Anezka spends the months with pleasant weather in spring and summer decorating windows and doors with these blue and white floral designs.



Anezka was formerly an agricultural worker and says her painting hobby was inspired by other local women. The designs she paints come straight from her imagination, and she starts from scratch with each new project. She even returns to her work yearly to add on and touch up.



The flowers are inspired by Moravian flower motifs, but the tradition apparently started in Poland. In a Polish town called Zalipie, detailed paintings were used to disguise soot that typically built up on house walls, inside and out. Eventually every house in town was covered in colorful flower paintings.


Zalipie, Poland


After she retired from crop work, Anezka took drawing lessons from an older artist. She developed her painting style and took on the little town of Louka as her personal canvas, where only about 70 people live. Her paintings always feature the characteristic use of ultramarine blue. Says Anezka, “It’s a color that looks very expensive and makes a high quality impression. The paint can be kept for at least two years, or even more.” Nothing stops Anezka’s designs–the old woman will climb onto scaffolding, reach from ladders and lay on the ground to complete her masterpieces.

Her favorite building is the village chapel, which she always makes sure to update every season.



Anezka has gained some fame from her endeavor, but she just wants everyone to know she’s doing what she loves. “I’m an artist. I just enjoy it and I want to help.” Anezka sets a great example for all of us–passion and creativity burn bright at any age!


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