11-Year-Old Boy Leaves His Candy in Stranger’s Empty Bowl on Halloween

We’ve all seen it happen–that one house where no one is home but the resident has kindly decided to leave a bowl of candy out anyway, only to find that one kid has swiped the full bowl for themselves, rather than just taking one or two pieces and moving on. What a Halloween bummer!



But now a boy from Idaho Falls, Idaho, has touched the hearts for his act of kindness on the spooky night.┬áThis Halloween, homeowner Jesse Robertson decided to set out a bowl of candy and set up a camera, too. She was curious to see how trick or treaters would do with an unattended bowl and a sign that read “Do a Trick, Take a treat! Only one or two please.”

11-year-old Hayden Chapple, dressed as a character from the hit show Stranger Things, was disappointed at first when he discovered the bowl empty. He goes to leave the house, but then returns and leaves a handful of his own candy for kids that would be coming after him!

When she watched the video, Jesse couldn’t believe what she had witnessed–a boy going above and beyond on Halloween night. She was shocked and delighted to see a young man with such good manners and generous nature. “The kid in the video did something that would surprise just about anybody these days,” said Jesse. “So I thought everyone should see it.”



Hayden even says, “That’s better,” after dropping his candy in the bowl and moving on.

The video now has over 1.3 million views on Facebook, with people leaving such comments as, “What a great kid, was brought up to be caring, we need more children like this and maybe as adults they can have compassion,”, and “He must have great parents! I hope they are proud of him! Kudos!”

Hayden’s good nature is a lesson to us all.


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