Celine Dion Posts Rare Pic of Twins on Their Birthday!

It is always a treat to get a glimpse of the adorable children of our beloved celebrities. So now that we’ve got pictures of Celine Dion’s twin sons at their seventh birthday, we are thrilled! And best of all, they look so much like both their mom and their dad. Here they are at age 4, enjoying Disney World!


(Scott Brinegar/Disneyland Resort)


Celine, a world-renowned singer, had the two boys (and an older son) with her husband René Angélil, who she knew first as her manager. They married in 1994, in Montreal, Canada. Sadly, René passed away nearly two years ago after a battle with throat cancer.


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The couple’s twins, Eddy and Nelson, were conceived after Celine had trouble becoming pregnant, and used in vitro fertilization, making their birthday all the more special to the family who helped celebrate the special day.

The couple and their boys have been relatively insulated from media exposure over the years, but we have caught glimpses. And what we saw was the kids growing up gracefully, part of a loving family. Their exposure to us began on the cover of Hello! magazine, where we got to see Celine with the newborn twins.



The boys’ seventh birthday celebration was Michael Jackson themed. Check out the pictures taken by their big brother, Rene-Charles.



The latest glimpse came from Celine’s Instagram account. She wrote, “Can’t believe you are already 7 years old… Time flies! Happy birthday, my loves! I’m so proud of all of my boys! Mom xx…”




We wish Eddy and Nelson a very happy birthday!


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