Young Girl Is Sent Home By Doctors To Die, But A Miracle Awaits When She Sees Jesus

Like any parent, Jamie Backenhaster described her daughter Brittany in the fondest of terms, as a special young lady, someone full of energy and joy. “She knew Bible scripture, she was singing in church, just loved life, full of life,” said Jamie.




But one day, things took a turn for the worse. Jamie found Brittany in the midst of a grand mal seizure. It was a condition Brittany had inherited from Jamie–epilepsy.

At first Jamie believed that her daughter’s path might be similar to her own. Jamie had epilepsy and seizures as well, but her medication controlled the symptoms and she was all right. The trouble was, Brittany didn’t seem to respond to the medications. None of them. Her condition worsened. Jamie watched day after day as her daughter suffered from seizure after seizure, and began slipping away from her.

Said Jamie, “As a mother, you feel so responsible, they’re your flesh, they’ve lived in you. And when she would pull at me to help her and I couldn’t…I blamed myself a lot. I gave my daughter this sickness,” she told the Christian Broadcasting Network, teary-eyed.




The stress of little Brittany’s poor health took a toll on the family. But they turned to God for support and strength. The doctors tried everything, but told Jamie and her husband that their daughter’s brain was in full seizure. There was nothing they could do but wait and see. Jamie took her daughter home, and waited for her to die.

Jamie prayed all night long.

The next morning, Brittany began speaking, repeatedly saying, “Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.” It was the first time her daughter had talked to her in a year. It was a miracle–Brittany was in recovery! After that day, she continued to get better and better.

Brittany recovered fully, and she still sings in church.



Witness the miracle and watch the video below.



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