Dad and Daughter Car Karaoke Earns 8 Million Views!

“Hey dad, can we listen to the radio?”

Meet Cole and Everleigh, your typical father and daughter.



Maybe not so much. This dynamic duo has garnered well over 8 million views of their karaoke car video, entitled “4 YEAR OLD GIRL AND DADDY DO CUTEST CARPOOL KARAOKE EVER!!!” And we think the title is spot on.



Cole writes in the video’s description, “Everleigh and I worked hard on this one! Hope you guys enjoy it and share with your friends!” The father and daughter are riding in their car when they burst into some awesome karaoke, complete with costumes, costume changes, and a healthy dose of attitude.



An assortment of costumes and music ensues.

Fans commented on the entertaining clip. “This was so hilarious,” says one.

“Cole and Everleigh are the cutest Daddy, daughter couple … Good Job and Great Outfits!!!”

Another viewer commented, “Just wanted to stop by and say that I love you guys’ relationship! It’s so adorable!”

Cole’s YouTube channel exploded in popularity after the posting of a stunning wedding video, featuring he and his wife, Savannah, and of course the lovely Everleigh. Cole LaBrant had already gained internet stardom with his videos on Twitter’s former video app, Vine. He had his own popular channel, but was part of the popular collaboration channel Dem White Boyz as well. He has 600,000 followers on Instagram and well over 3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel Cole&Sav.


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