Doctors Tell Teen He’ll Never Stand Again, But Then This Happens During National Anthem

In 2013, Wesley Baker was enjoying a normal life as a teenager in Conway, South Carolina. He was a football player, a rising senior who wore the number 49 on his jersey. But that summer as Wesley was walking along a highway in town, he was hit by an 18-wheeler truck and severely injured.



There was an immediate outpouring of support by his community as his parents waited in the hospital for him to wake up.

“It feels like it’s fake,” said Wesley’s sister Katelyn. “Like bad things aren’t supposed to happen to good people.”

The Baker family was quickly supported by their community, finding that strangers were continuously approaching them and asking them if they could pray for Wesley.

“It’s just really hard to explain and understand. People from all over and community people you’ve never met, coming up to you and telling you they’re praying for you,” said Wesley’s dad, Cameron.

Wesley’s injuries included severe brain damage, and he lost his right leg. He went through multiple surgeries and rehabilitation.



Over 11,000 people have been following Wesley’s story on Facebook. They recently started a prayer chain for Wesley. One night at his school’s football field, the Baker family attended a game—and then something miraculous happened! As the national anthem played and the rest of the crowd stood and put their hands over their hearts, Wesley managed to stand too!!!



Wrote his mother afterward, “I can’t even begin to tell you all how I felt, A moms dreams to see her son stand, and one day walk! A huge milestone! Wesley did it!” The family continues to help him with his rehabilitation and Wesley is making great strides.

Remarkable tales of tragedy and triumph often remind us of how precious life it. Said Debbie, Wesley’s mom, “I hope it can impact one teenager or change somebody’s life. Let them know how much family is important. The ‘I love you’ is important for a parent to tell a child that.”


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