Groom Heroically Saves Drowning Boy During Wedding Photo Shoot

A couple’s wedding day is supposed to be eventful, but not in the way it was for Clayton and Brittany Cook! The couple were in the midst of post-ceremony photographs in a beautiful park when some unexpected excitement happened.

Victoria Park, located in Kitchener, Ontario is beautiful and scenic, dotted with gorgeous, lanky trees and idyllic water features.

Hatt Photography

But as the Cooks made their way around to get various shots, they noticed a group of children hanging out nearby.

Said Brittany, “It was my turn to get my solo pictures taken so Clay was hanging out by the pond waiting,” Brittany told HuffPost.

While Brittany was being photographed, Clayton noticed a young boy having a hard time swimming in one of the park’s ponds near him. Without hesitation he jumped into the water and pulled the boy to safety. It turns out the boy had been pushed in by one of his playmates.


Hatt Photography


Brittany recalled the moment she realized what had happened. “We had three kids following us around [and] Clay noticed there was only two kids he could see… he walked over to check on them and noticed the kids looking at the water and one kid was struggling to swim, so Clay jumped down on a rock ledge closer to the water and pulled him out.”

Their photography Darren Hatt managed to snap some pictures of the incident. The images posted by Hatt have now received over 12,000 likes and 3600 shares on Facebook!



Possibly in the midst of a post-marriage haze of happiness, Brittany said none of them really thought much of the incident until later, when they realized that things could have been much worse if Clayton hadn’t been there to help the child.  They went on with their wedding night and events. “Now it’s hitting us more that if we weren’t in the right place at the right time, things may have gone different and perhaps even tragically,” she said.

Clayton and Brittany were also invited to the tv show Ellen Degeneres, where she praised the groom, and presented them with fantastic wedding gifts—free trips to both Harry Potter parks in Orlando and London!


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