Elderly Couple Pass Away Just Moments Apart, What Son Does Next Will Astound You.

“Till death do you part” took on a whole new meaning as this charming couple who love each other so deeply, passed away within hours of each other.

Raymond and Velva Breuer, were childhood sweethearts who remained inseparable right up until the last moments they spent together. They raised six children together, four boys and two girls and were blessed with 18 grandchildren. Everyone, even the great-great grandchildren knew how much their grandparents loved each other.

“They would always hold hands and sit in the front-row pews of the church,” said Missouri state Representative Cheri Reisch, who knew the couple well. “They never left each other’s side. It was true love.”

Raymond would joke with his son Bobby Breuer that if they went together, then they should just be buried together, in the same casket.

On August 4th, Raymond passed away at 97, and 30 hours later Velma followed him at 96. And, of course, Bobby remembered what his father said when it came time to plan their funeral.

They lived happily ever after until death did them apart, except they will be together side-by-side until the end of time.




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