Family Relaxes in Pool On Vacation In Africa, Until This Visitor Joins Them

When people get the chance to journey to Africa for a safari vacation, they hope they will end up seeing lots of animals on their game drives. But this family’s hopes were surpassed!



One day on their vacation to Botswana, this family was relaxing by the pool. They were staying at Elephant Sands in the southern African country when a visitor crashed their pool time!



This is obviously one unforgettable moment! The brush began to rustle and the family watched in awe as a huge elephant approached the pool they were enjoying. As if it were an invited guest, the large elephant sauntered up to the pool side quite casually, and then helped itself to a thirst quenching trunk full of water.



The elephant checks out his fellow waterhole visitors (the family) and then just as casually walks away.

Botswana boasts the largest elephant population in Africa, due in part to their conservation efforts, including cracking down on poachers. The government has set up a military task force to control the illegal elephant ivory market. The elephant count comes in somewhere around 130,000, due to Botswana creating this conservation zone.

Just remember folks, a body of water in Africa is considered a waterhole by the local fauna, so be prepared to share!


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