Watch a Little Girl Adorably Confuse a Walmart Shopper for Santa

Christmas season is a time of magic for everyone, but especially for our children. Day by day, as they watch our homes and streets light up, as they hear the ageless music of the season and learn stories of the season, their hearts are filled with magic.


And this little girl was no different! She had the good fortune to run across Santa while he was out shopping for presents. While accompanying her mother to Walmart one day, little Sophie Jo spotted Santa down one of the aisles. With his long, white beard and red shirt, can anyone really blame her for thinking he was Santa Claus?



The man was named Roger Larck, and he made sure to play along. When he realized the youngster thought he was Santa, he knelt down and asked her some questions–how she was getting ready for Christmas and whether he could expect some cookies when he made it to her house on that special night. Sophie Jo assured him that she had been a good girl all year long, and then made sure he knew to give the reindeer some of the cookies she would be leaving. They chatted for a few minutes, and then she let “Santa” get back to his shopping.



The video went viral on the web. Roger Larck told WSAZ News, “Just seeing somebody that sweet and innocent, and that excited, about Christmas and Santa Claus–you can’t ask for anymore than that. That was a great Christmas present for me.” Roger said he has been approached before and it always really touches his heart, and with 4 grandchildren of his own, he also knows how a well-placed “Ho ho ho!” can help parents while they’re in a store with their little kids.


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