Grandma With Cancer Only Has $100 For Car Payment But Dealership Won’t Take Her Money

By the time the holidays had arrived late last year, Michelle England wasn’t just trying to figure out how to make ends meet, she was dealing with a recurrence of breast cancer, which she thought she had beat in 2014.



Michelle England just could not work while she went through chemotherapy, and the bills began to pile up. Paying for the essentials of life was a true struggle, so when her car was repossessed, she took the bus to her chemotherapy sessions.

But when Michelle did manage to get a little money to put toward her car payment, she went to Tri-State Auto Sales with a check for $100 in hopes of preventing her car from being resold.

What happened next shocked her, and brought her to tears. The staff of Tri-State Autos Sales had known Michelle England for years and according to them she was “always smiling,” even when times got tough. When England showed up at the dealership, she was met by the staff and told to keep her $100 check–the dealership’s owner had decided to pay off the car and give it back to Michelle, fully serviced!



She burst into tears.

“This is all I could pay,” Michelle said. “And they paid it all for me. This is just such a blessing. You guys, you just don’t know.”

Michelle says that her cancer is in remission again and hopes it stays that way. “Just pray for me that it stays in remission,” she said. “Because if it comes back again, no more. No more chemo.”



Michelle’s story proves that the good deeds and caring of others are what make life so blessed. “When you go through breast cancer and you get somebody special in your life…they were just angels for me,” she said. “People might feel like nobody’s there for you, but, ya’ll, this is a prime example.”


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