Incredible Rescue Amidst Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

As Harvey dumped rain on Houston, Texas and the water rose, people started to panic, rushing to seek shelter. As of Sunday morning, all communities in the storm’s path have been encouraged by emergencies managers to stay put, because when roads flood, driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Most people who die in massive flooding, it turns out, die in their cars.

Flooding rescue filmed on Facebook Live

AMAZING RESCUE: Sunday morning after Tropical Storm #Harvey dumped several inches of rain on Southeast Texas Kristan Wade and Naty Savala, of Beaumont, were shooting a live Facebook video when a woman drove into the water. Savala shot video as Wade swam out to the car and rescued the woman.

Posted by 12 News on Sunday, August 27, 2017

But while most people in the storm’s path stay safe inside, one woman decided to take a chance and travel in her small car. Approaching an underpass and underestimating a puddle, she got swept away by the rising current; the woman began to panic as she started to sink.

Luckily, Kristan wade and Naty Savala were walking by and noticed the woman steadily sinking, and without thinking twice, rushed to the water and dove to her rescue.

As Savala streamed it on Facebook live, Wade helped the trapped woman by convincing her to roll down her window and abandoned her car. The video was viewed over 740,000 times and is just one example of heroism we see in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

“The lady is just fine, a little in shock, but just fine,” Savala wrote in the description of the video above.

“Thank God we happened to take a stroll to see the underpass yall!” Other people commented on her video to show their appreciation, calling Wade a hero.

“To the woman who didn’t even think twice about what to do and just did it, you are a super hero,” another wrote, “Thank God for people like you. I so wish there would be more guys like you. You are magnificent.”

The best advice is never to drive when you don’t know how deep the water is. And if the water is covering the surface, you probably don’t know how deep it truly is.

If you’re in the affected region, please click the link below for instructions and ways to help those distressed.


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