A Dad Is Going Viral Thanks To The Hilarious And Compassionate Way He Handled His Daughters Accident At School. 

On Friday, six year old Valerie lived every young child’ s night mare: she peed her pants at school. When her dad, Ben Sowards got the news that his daughter was crying and needed to be picked up from school, he said his heart broke.

So, before leaving the house to pick up his embarrassed (and wet) daughter, Ben splashed some water on his pants. Yes, this dad pulled a “Billy Madison” in the best possible way.

When he arrived at the school’s office, he quietly asked Valerie if he could borrow her backpack to cover up his “accident.”Valerie quickly went from tears to laughter at her father’s goofy gesture.

Lucinda, the oldest of 11 children, posted the incident on twitter, and the Twitterverse went crazy over the act of solidarity.

Valerie’s family is passionate about advocating love and support within a family, and its clear that her dad has had a lot of practice making sure his kids feel loved.


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