Man Breaks in Home and Attacks 88-Year-Old, But He Messed with Wrong Granny

On one February afternoon, around 3 p.m., Helen Reynolds went to answer a knock at her door. The 88-year-old woman had just returned from the store. A man, an intruder, bent on robbing and terrorizing the elderly woman, barged his way in when she opened the door.



“He pushed himself in,” said Helen Reynolds told CBS news. Then began a 3-hour ordeal. The man began to search for money, finding only $40 before duct taping Helen’s hands, head and mouth.

Helen confronted the man. “I said, ‘Would you do this to your mother to bother her like you are doing me?'” The burglar shushed her.

Then, horrifically, the man stripped her of her clothing and threw her onto the bed. That’s when Helen Reynolds tried to kick him in the groin.

“Maybe I really hurt him. I don’t know and I really don’t care,” said Helen Reynolds. Then Helen had an idea.

She told the would-be rapist that she had HIV. “Well, it’s like this — you might as well know the truth,” she said. “I have HIV and my husband died from it.” The man stopped his attack. Helen truly believes the lie saved her life.

“When I said that, he just walked out of the bedroom.” He then retrieve more duct tape and some wire, tied her ankles, and left.



Helen eventually chewed her way through the tape and managed to get a neighbor’s help. “It was all about me and my God and he helped me out,” Helen later said. A similar attack took place after a man invaded the home of a 72-year-old woman five days prior, just 14 miles away. The police have released a sketch of the man though have not made an arrest in this case, or the other, but Helen has a message to all women: never stop fighting.


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