Meghan Markle Leaves Behind Her Beloved Rescue Dog After Moving Overseas to Marry Prince Harry 

The announcement on November 27 that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had indeed become engaged was met by a huge buzz of speculations and avalanche of news stories about the couple. The marriage will mark a big change in Markle’s life–she has already decided to give up acting in order to focus on charitable interests, as well as her upcoming duties as a member of the royal family.



But one of the biggest changes in the retired actress’s life revolves around her two dogs, Bogart and Guy. She adopted Bogart, a Labrador mix in 2012, followed by a beagle, Guy, in 2015. Meghan has been a supporter of rescue dogs in general and spread the love of her two pooches on Instagram.



Sadly, though, Markle has decided to leave her older rescue dog, Bogart, in Canada with the friends the canine has grown close to.

She has spoken publicly about the dogs before. “Well, I have two dogs that I’ve had for quite a long time,” she said, “both my rescue pups. And one is now staying with very close friends, and my other little guy is — yes, he’s in the UK. He’s been here for a while.” Meghan went on to explain, “I think he’s doing just fine.”



As a part of her transition to royalty, Markle will become a British citizen, as well as be baptized and then confirmed into the Church of England. Her beagle, Guy, has also received permission to stay in the UK. Though Markle has not spoken of the precise reason why Bogart is staying in North America, she has received criticism for leaving the dog behind.

On Instagram, one user wrote, “I think its disgusting leaving one of your dogs in Canada, especially towards the end of his life.” Another said, “I hope your dogs get a better owner than you. Can’t believe you abandoned one you adopted.”

But many feel the criticism is unfair when the whole story isn’t known, as it is possible the dog, being older or possibly having a health condition, might not be able to make the trip over to the UK safely, or may be much happier with the family he is staying with.

We are sure to see more of her beagle, Guy, as Meghan Markle puts down roots in the UK and prepares for a royal wedding!


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