This Milwaukee Bus Driver Pulled Over When She Saw A 5-Year-Old Wandering Alone

One day in Milwaukee County, public bus driver Tiffani Lee was following her bus route as usual. That’s when something concerning caught her eye.



Tiffani Lee noticed a young child, a little girl, walking down the sidewalk by herself. The girl’s shoes were mismatched, and she was not dressed well for the chilly morning. “She was walking by herself and she had on one flip flop and one tennis shoes,” said the concerned bus driver. “I’m a parent, so I knew no parent would let their children out in that kind of weather,” she said.

Tiffani Lee then pulled the bus over. The little girl seemed nervous, but eventually approached the bus.

“Where you going?” Tiffani asked her. “Come here.” The little girl eventually got on the bus, where Tiffani tried to figure out where she lived. But the child didn’t know her address, so Tiffani called the police. “She told me she was on her way to the store. I think I interrupted her but needless to say I think she needed help,” Lee said.



While waiting for the authorities to arrive, Tiffani sat with the child and talked to her to try to help the girl’s nerves. “She calmed down because we got to talking about nail polish. She had on pink and I had on Easter purple,” she said.



A friendly police officer finally arrived, took the little girl’s hand and escorted her off the bus so they could get her back to her family.

Tiffani Lee was glad she was the one who stopped and helped the little girl. “She was scared and I was just concerned. I’m happy she got home safely,” said the heroic bus driver.



It turns out that Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) workers have helped other lost citizens recently, including a woman who went into labor, a missing boy and even an unconscious driver. In fact, Tiffani Lee said that being aware of those cases has made her more observant and prepared to help those she encounters.

The whole incident was caught on the bus’s surveillance video. Check it out below!


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