This Scottish Mom Cannot Believe It When Docs Tell Her How Big Her Twins Are

Expecting a baby is it’s own world of excitement, but expecting TWO babies–its a truly joyous and overwhelming gift. Double the fun or double the trouble, carrying, delivering and raising twins is a journey! Because the likelihood of birthing twins can be genetic, and both Alana and Paul Merrie had twins in their families, the couple knew that when they got pregnant it was possible they could have twins. From Edinburgh, Scotland, Alana Merrie did indeed learn she was carrying twin boys! “My dad had brothers who were twins, and there are twins on my mum’s side as well,” said Alana.



The pregnancy went well. “The scans said they were good sizes, and the midwives told me they were growing well.” Maybe a little too well. It turned out that Alana’s baby belly bump just got bigger and bigger and bigger.

“I did have a huge bump, and total strangers kept coming up to me, asking whether I was going to give birth on the spot, as I was that big,” remembers Alana.



Twin babies tend to be a bit smaller than single babies, maybe around 5 pounds or so, which is what Alana’s doctor was predicting. But that didn’t turn out to be the case with brothers Troy and Kaius! The two boys were born a whopping combined 17 pounds!



They each weighed over 8 pounds, and it is possible that they are the heaviest set of twins born on record in Scotland.

Alana and her husband are grateful for the experience. “The staff at the hospital were saying to me that they have never delivered twins this big before,” Alana said. Paul added, “We have a lovely little daughter, and now that we have boys, it’s a complete package. It’s always great for any lad to have a boy. We all know boys can get into a bit of trouble, but we’ll keep them busy — a lot of sport will do them good.”

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