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She Was Shamed For Having Loose Skin, This Was Her Response

It goes without saying that the road to weight loss is long, arduous and requires incredible amounts of patience and dedication. So when Jacqueline Adan, a blogger, who won the battle and lost 350 pounds after a peak of 510 pounds, was ridiculed for her “loose skin,” she knew she had to respond.




Jacqueline had been in Mexico on vacation and was in a bathing suit for the first time in a long time. Said Jacqueline, “It was the first time I had worn a bathing suit in a long time, and it had been even longer since I wore a bathing suit without a cover-up.” After battling nerves in taking off her cover-up at the hotel pool, Jacqueline’s fears were realized as people nearby making fun of her.




“A couple sitting by the pool started laughing and pointing at me and making fun of me as soon as I took my cover up off.” But Jacqueline took a deep breath and went for it. She realized she wasn’t the same person anymore, that she’d made momentous gains in her efforts to lose weight and she couldn’t let anyone stop her from experiencing her vacation freely. “Yes it bothered me,” she said. But…I am not going to let what other people think of me stop me from living my life.”




Jacqueline had a message for her followers. “Loving yourself just the way you are is hard. Others might not like that. That’s ok. I hope you love yourself. Love your body. I hope you keep doing you and just keep smiling!” She has documented her weight loss journey on her website,, where followers can find weight loss tips.




At over 64,000 Instagram followers and a successful blog, Jacqueline has showed many of us that inspiration and hope comes in all shapes and sizes!

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