She’s Confused When Elderly Man Cuts In Line, Then He Whispers 3 Words

Unexpected examples of compassion and patience can take place anytime and anywhere, but they always remind us of the best of our fellow humans. This was the case one day in downtown Chicago. On a stop just after work, Destiny Carreno was hungry and made a stop for a bite to eat, expecting it to be like any food stop on any other day. Destiny stood in line at a local McDonald’s near her workplace, waiting patiently for her turn to order. That’s when an elderly man skipped her in line.

Destiny was hardly bothered, because the man was in a wheelchair and seemed to be a quadriplegic—someone lacking use of all four limbs. Destiny instantly felt compassion for the man, because her own uncle also suffered from the same condition.

But what happened next touched her even more.



As the elderly man struggled to order, Destiny, and the McDonald’s cashier strained to understand what he was saying. Finally, they managed to understand his words.

“Help me please.”

Kenny was working the cash register that day and immediately decided to help this older customer. He washed his hands and put on gloves, then accompanied the disabled man to a table, and proceeded to cut his food and feed it to him.

Destiny was speechless at Kenny’s compassion. She snapped a photograph of the two men and posted it on her Facebook page, where it received a ton of gratitude and praise from all over the internet!

She wrote, “This employee, who put everything on hold for this man, went above and beyond his responsibilities to help this handicapped customer out. That was the kindest and most humble thing I had ever seen.”

With over 400,000 shares on Facebook, I think we can all agree with Destiny’s apt observation: Compassion has NOT gone out of style.


Seeing this today brought tears to my eyes! Compassion has NOT gone out of style.Today I made a quick stop at McDonald…

Posted by Destiny Carreno on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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