The Family Vacation Photo That Went Hilariously Wrong

We all have an image of a typical family portrait in our minds: sort of sweet, a little boring, with every family member in their proper place—certainly nothing unexpected.

This is the story of a family photograph gone wrong, in the funniest way.

Donal Skehan was on vacation with his parents, visiting San Francisco, and they wanted a family picture to remember their vacation. The results of this family snapshot have gone viral.



Donal Skehan is a food writer and photographer originally from Dublin, Ireland. He moved to Los Angeles with his wife and their dog, Max, who is (clearly) a huge fan of Donal’s dad.




The now infamous photograph was taken outside the famous “Painted Ladies,” a well-known row of houses across from Alamo Square park, in San Francisco. Says Skehan, “One of those perfect moments where the camera timing works out just right!!! Puts a whole new meaning on “crotch shot”! Does anyone have any ice?”

Skehan later reassured concerned social media followers, “I can safely report that @maxskehan and Dad are still best of pals- my dad would like it pointed out that he was wearing low crotched shorts and that Max has a very gummy bite and that the family jewels are all still in tact!”

Thank goodness. We’ll breathe a sigh of relief once we stop laughing. Despite his overeager reaction to Dad’s leap, we still think Max is just about the cutest canine ever!




And then… #crotchgate went global! 😂🇺🇸 @megynkelly_ @nbc

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