This Story of A Kid’s Halloween Costume Is Making Everyone Cry

Comb the stores for kids’ Halloween costumes and you’ll find a plethora of superhero outfits, whether it be Batman, Superman or something similar.

BScribbs, an Imgur user, recently posted a heartwarming story. His post, entitled “I’m just really proud,” shows that kids don’t necessarily need to turn to fantasy to rock a hero’s costume on Halloween.



BScribbs posted pictures of his son in a seemingly odd costume.

“No one knew what my son was for Halloween and he didn’t care,” writes the dad. It turns out that his son had a difficult time choosing what to be for Halloween this year. The characters in the costume store just didn’t seem to appeal to him this year.

“We walked out of two Halloween stores empty handed,” notes BScribbs.

Frustrated that his son hadn’t picked a costume, BScribbs said, “Finally, Sunday night, I just told him to pick his FAVORITE HERO and I’d make the costume the next day. His eyes lit up and he yelled “Dad!”



That’s right, BScribb’s son was his Dad for Halloween! It turns out Dad works long hours running a kitchen in a restaurant to take care of his family.



The youngster rang each door bell that night and shouted “Trick or Treat! I’m my Dad!”

Remember parents, though you think they may not appreciate your hard work, your kids really do look up to you, and this sweet story proves it!


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