This Is The Sweet Story of A Newborn Pitbull Puppy Adopted By An Unlikely Mother

Just as humans can be compassionate and loving with members of other species, so can our furry feline friends. We love seeing these stories of animals who adopt babies who aren’t quite like them!




Noland, a black and white puppy, was abandoned at birth and needed immediate intervention in order to survive. He was brought, one day old, to the Cleveland Animal Protective League. He was healthy, but very hungry and would need a mother to survive. There was nothing the rescuers could do but try something new.

A cat named Lolaine was also at the rescue center. She was a new mommy cat with kittens of her own.




Rescuers held the puppy up to her and Lolaine immediately took the little thing into her care. She licked him and nuzzled him. The shelter workers were amazed at how naturally the two bonded! Said one of the caretakers at the shelter, “I don’t think he knows she’s a cat, and I don’t think she knows he’s a dog.”

The puppy gets fed 7 to 8 times more per day, on top of what Lolaine feeds him, but as you’ll see in the video, Lolaine always has a watchful eye on her adopted pup.




Because Noland needs extra food as a growing pitbull, many human volunteers are required just to help him survive. Stories like this remind us that volunteers and foster parents are desperately needed at countless rescue organizations around the country.


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