Take A Look At This 3-Year-Old’s Adorable Target-Themed Birthday Party

We all have our favorite shopping spots, but this three-year-old puts us all to shame!

Little Charlie just loves Target. That’s right, when her mom brought up ideas for Charlie’s third birthday party, the child knew exactly the theme she wanted for her special day—Target!


“I honestly don’t know a specific time that she began to really love Target, but I think our many trips when she was a baby were to blame,” Emily Kern, Charlie’s mother, said. It turns out that Charlie was a preemie baby, born at only 28 weeks, and when she was finally able to come home from the hospital it was winter and too cold to walk outside. Like any new mom would, Emily began to feel cooped up, so she began taking Charlie for walks through Target.

The store is nearby their home in Pennsylvania, so stopping in was easy for mom and baby.



Despite their love for the store, when Charlie first asked for a Target-themed party, her mom was skeptical. “When I started asking Charlie what type of party she wanted, she said Target,” said Kern. “I laughed and said, ‘That’s not a party, what about Trolls?'”

But Charlie knew what she wanted so Emily went with it. “After a while, I started to think, ‘It’s different — let’s do Target,’ and at that point, it was official.”



Target’s in-store cafe serves Pizza Hut pizza, popcorn and hot dogs, so that’s what Emily served at her party! They also set up a goodie bag self-serve station where kids could fill their bags with toys, candy and bubbles into real Target bags.



Emily really made the experience authentic for her party guests. “I made the front of the house kind of like the store front to Target, so when people walked in, they felt like they were walking into Target,” said Kern.

The party was a success. “Overall, the party turned out great, and Charlie had a great time,” said Kern. “She just genuinely loves Target, like all the other Target-lovers.”



Well, now that Emily Kern has upped the art of the child’s birthday party to an epic level, we’ll all have to start thinking of new party themes. Any ideas?


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