Atheist Professor Has Near Death Experience, Visits Hell and Comes Back a Believer!

When Howard Storm had a near death experience and found himself on a terrifying visit to Hell, he decided to change his ways.

The then-atheist professor got a second chance after nearly dying from a perforated intestine while on a trip to Europe. Lying awake in the hospital just before surgery, Howard Storm believed he was going to die. He lost consciousness.


Storm then had an out of body experience, seeing himself in his hospital room. While “out of his body”, Storm says evil creatures lured him away and began to attack him. A voice told him to pray to God, and after calling out for Jesus, he was rescued by “spiritual beings of light.”

He had a reckoning of his whole life up until that moment, with the “beings of light” helping him resolve the questions he had. The beings told him to find religion and that his duty was to get as close to God as he could.



Storm healed successfully from his surgery that day. He later wrote a book titled My Descent Into Death about his experience and how it has changed his life. In one passage of the book he writes, “God loves every man, woman, and child on this planet more than we love our own children.  God wants all people to have food, shelter, meaningful work, and an opportunity to be creative: to learn the truth, have freedom from fear, have self-esteem, be procreative, live in community, find complete joy, trust in God, and become the wonderful people that God created us to be.”



Mr. Storm was even featured on various shows such as Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, 48 Hours, and the Discovery Channel.

He later went to seminary school and became an ordained pastor.

Howard Storm talked about his life before the experience, saying, “I was an atheist. I didn’t believe in God. I thought that anyone who believed in God was an idiot.” Now Storm says he wants to help atheists around the world to find a better path, the path to heaven.


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