Grandpa Keeps Secret Against Wife’s Wishes, Raises Kittens

In a marriage, somethings are better left unsaid. Like that time you ate the last cookie, or your husband’s favorite pants shrunk in the wash. Raising a litter of stray kittens in the back yard on the other hand … not something that can be easily glossed over. Jimmy, an 85-year-old grandpa, however, did just that, and kept it a secret from his wife for weeks.

Jimmy’s neighborhood is full of cats, and he frequently leaves food around his yard for them. His wife isn’t a fan of the idea of letting stray animals hangout in the yard, so when Jimmy’s favorite cat needed a place to give birth, he decided not to tell his wife he was keeping a litter of kittens in their backyard.

Syl Jimmy’s grand daughter said that after leaving the strays food, her grandpa became attached to one cat that was particularly fond of him. So when he found out his favorite feline was having babies, he couldn’t resist opening up his tool shed as a home for the expecting mom.

Obviously, Jimmy was unable to keep the kittens hidden forever. Soon after mama cat gave birth, he finally told his wife what had been going on, and as a result, his wife fell in love with the kittens too. She even told Jimmy they could stay in the shed until they found permanent owners.

Despite their disagreement, this couple is definitely in love … and now they have a litter of kittens they can find homes for together.


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