10 Nathalie Jomard Illustrations of What It’s Honestly Like To Have Kids

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and the learning curve can be a long road. These funny, honest illustrations by Nathalie Jomard tap into those stressful yet precious years. From the changes in a woman’s body, to battles of wills, to personal time being nearly nonexistent, the point is that motherhood is not to be taken for granted. In the middle of those trials and tribulation come some of the funniest, and most touching, moments in life.


1. Nothing Fits Anymore! That’s right, as the body changes, so does your waist size. There comes a moment where you realize that, for the time being, you just won’t fit into that favorite pair of jeans.

2. The First Time You Breastfeed is Definitely Unforgettable. Nursing a newborn is such a precious experience…once you get past the sore nipples and snappy gums.


3. When What The Book Says Doesn’t Work, Find Your Own Way. Everyone has advice for new parents, much of it unsolicited but well-meaning. Unsure of how to do something, most parents have read that one parenting book that offered advice which just didn’t work out for their lives. That’s when you learn the most important rule of parenting: When in doubt, do whatever works!


4. As A Professional Juggler, You Will Learn To Carry 100 Items at Once. Diaper bags, baby bottles, mail, groceries, cell phone, purse, baby carrier, pet leash. New babies should come with an extra arm for mom.


5. The First Time You Put On A Bikini After Giving Birth Will Be…Memorable. Your body will be different, that is all there is to it. Give it time–it took 9 months to get this way, don’t expect your body to go back to its original state overnight. Be proud of what your body can do!


6. Making Sure Your Child Is Protected From The Sun is Important. Whereas once sun screen was a minor thought, now you will be obsessed with how much sun your child is getting. Umbrellas, hats, cover-ups, beach shoes, sunscreen! Its annoying to them but they’ll thank you when they’re older.



7. Intimacy Between You and Your Partner Becomes Sort of Challenging. Sometimes just a handful of hours of sleep in a row is all you want. Kids climb into bed, or you climb into theirs. You might need to get creative with the intimate time shared with your partner.

8. You Try To Set A Good Example For Your Kids, And Force Them To Eat Spinach. We all remember those things our parents made us eat!



9. You Won’t Find Peace When Sitting On The Toilet. The bathroom is no longer a space of privacy. And for some reason, children come with “Mommy is going to the bathroom” radar.


10. You Don’t Know What To Do When Your Child’s Pet Dies. One of the hardest things to experience as a parent is your child’s sadness. Losing a pet is one of their first experiences with death in their lives, and it’s challenging to find the right words to soften the blow of losing the creature they loved so much.

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