Woman Goes Into Labor On Halloween And Finds Her Doctor Dressed As The Joker

Pregnancy is full of surprises. How and when an expecting mom might go into labor is one of them. So when Brittany Selph went into labor on Halloween, rather than nearer her expected due date of November 5, she and husband Justin took things in stride. “My wife’s due date was Nov. 5, but that obviously didn’t happen. She woke up Halloween morning to her water leaking,” said Justin.



But when the couple went to the hospital to see their obstetrician, Dr. Paul Locus of Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee, they got another surprise!



“That’s when we found out he was dressed for Halloween that day, as The Joker. We found it very humorous and a little excited that we would have a baby delivered by The Joker,” Justin said.


The doctor checked Brittany and then told the couple they had a ways to go, and that he would go home and change out of his costume. But the couple absolutely loved the idea of their third child, Oaklyn, being delivered by the Joker on Halloween! So Dr. Locus happily played the role.



Justin happily snapped photographs during the labor, capturing the moments before, during and after Oaklyn’s birth. Even more awesome, Dr. Locus came in the next day to visit mom and baby, and said, “Sorry I couldn’t make it in last night, glad to see the delivery went well,” Justin remembered. “He also gave her a card of congratulations, and he signed it ‘Dr. Joker.'”



The post and video of the event has gone viral. Beautiful baby Oaklyn is doing great, and will have a Halloween birthday to look forward to each year!


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