6-Year-Old Girl Steals The Show at Choir Concert

There is nothing like watching a child being themselves and stealing hearts at the same time. Well, young Loren did just that at this children’s choir performance.



First, take a look at the lyrics of the song her group performed. It’s entitled “Old Church Choir” and it’s by Zach Williams:

Clap your hands and stomp your feet

Till you find that gospel beat

Cause He’s all you’ll ever need

He’s all you’ll ever need

I’ve got an old church choir singing in my soul

I’ve got a sweet salvation and it’s beautiful

I’ve got a heart overflowing cause I’ve been restored

No there ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy

No there ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy

And boy does young Loren take these lyrics to heart! Her mother, Jennifer Patterson, posted the video of the group’s performance on Facebook and received a massive positive response, with over 670,000 shares. Loren rocks out and breaks it down, dancing and jiving, for the entire performance!



Her mom wrote, “In case you can’t find her she’s the one in pink and brown.”

Loren’s mom was pretty shocked by the amount of attention her daughter’s video has received.  “She is 100 percent herself all the time,” Jennifer said. “That is her total personality.”



Because she was on a different part of the stage, she did not see her daughter’s performance at first, but received a video from a friend afterward. “Loren is like this all time,” Jennifer said. “She just loves the Lord and she’s not afraid to express it. She sings and dances all the time. That’s just who she is.”

Take a look at the comments on the video. The girl truly brings joy to each and every person who watched it! Loren reminds us to take the time to thoroughly enjoy these kinds of moments!


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