8-Year-Old Serenades Ailing Great-Grandmother, Singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’

The relationship between a grandchild and grandparent can be an unbreakable bond, but not very many children get to have that kind of time with their great-grandparent.

When this opportunity arises, it is a blessing.

8-year-old Sophie has just such a special relationship with her great-grandmother.



In a lovely video, captured by Sophie’s grandmother, we get the chance to see Sophie sing a special song to her great-grandmother—“You Are My Sunshine.”



That particular song is a special song to their family, said Sophie’s grandmother, Yvonne. Sophie has been singing to her great-grandmother for two years. Their bond really demonstrates how important family is. They are in different stages of life but their love for each other is clear to see.

Wrote one Facebook commenter, “What a beautiful memory for that little girls family. I hope I have a little great granddaughter sing that to me.”

Another wrote, “I can watch this over and over. Just Love how she’s looking at her and caressing her as she sings to her.”



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